Are you looking for the very best assisted living care facility for your loved one?

There are many senior living options out there, and choosing the best assisted living community for your loved one can be difficult. Our friendly transition staff is always here to make your decision easier. Reference the FAQ below for quick references, or contact us if you have any questions.

Assisted living communities provide assistance to residents who may need some help with activities of daily life but wish to remain as independent as possible. Assisted living care may include help with showering, bathing, dressing and medication management, as well as laundry and housekeeping.

Assisted living residences typically provide three meals a day plus snacks, as well as daily activity programming. The best assisted living care facilities care for the individual as a whole, taking into account not only the physical needs of residents but their spiritual and personal needs as well.

Assisted living facilities are licensed by the New York State Department of Health and may be freestanding or part of a continuum of care.

The best assisted living care facilities will do a thorough analysis of your loved one’s individual needs to determine which level of care they require.
Yes. There is an in-house physician available to you at the Loudonville Assisted Living Residence. Your loved one may also keep his or her personal physician – the choice is yours. In either case, our staff will assist you in making the necessary arrangements.

Aging in place is defined as the ability to live in one’s own environment of choice safely, comfortably, and as independently as possible. As a resident at Loudonville Assisted Living Residence, you have access to our Traditional Assisted Living, Enhanced Assisted Living and Special Needs or Memory Care Residences – a complete continuum of care available for your loved one’s changing needs.

The Gerald Levine Center for Memory Care is a small community of 18 beds for those facing the challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-related cognitive disorders. We provide a high staff-to-resident ratio (1:6), ensuring that all residents receive the individualized time and care they deserve. At the Gerald Levine Center, we have developed a highly structured life enrichment program based on our residents’ needs and strengths.

When an assisted living community receives certification from the New York State Department of Health authorizing enhanced care, it provides an opportunity for a resident to age in place by remaining in his or her facility of choice. Assisted living communities that are certified for enhanced services may offer assistance with transfers, injections administered by nursing staff, assistance with oxygen and other services not typically offered with traditional assisted living care.